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Following the mysterious - 
and as fate would have it, eventually temporary - disappearance of its predecessor,
(..... and no, it wasn't me!) 

A New District Standard for the
Royal & Select Masters of Sussex

was called for.

The Result of the Inspiration
A Truly Intricate & Intense Example of the Art
Ta -Dah!
The Result of the Perspiration
The Finished Article
Produced In A Record Breaking

This is not something that we can guarantee, but once formal approval has been given by the appropriate authority, then we normally expect to be able to deliver in no more than 8 weeks.
Pretty Good Huh!?
P.S: If you want to know what the letters stand for, ask me for an Application Form!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *
However, Sometimes 'Less is More'

This is the Grand Standard made for the
Grand Conclave of the
Masonic Order of Pilgrim Preceptors

This Order is unashamedly open only to invited
Installed First Principals of the Royal Arch

The Grand Master
Most Illustrious Bro. Stephen Ayres
 dedicated the banner at the occasion of
Grand Conclave held at Clerkenwell in June 2013 - one of the last meetings ever held at the  'Old Sessions House'.

Simplicity can also be stunning.......

The Banner for
The Provincial Grand Court of Sussex
in the
Masonic Order of Athelstan

Dedicated by the
Provincial Grand Master,
R.W. Bro. Brian Prevett

And sometimes, attention to detail is so important.....!

Some BIG
........... How's this for detail? 

But then again..... some SMALL

This is a One Inch high enamel Lapel Pin for the
Sussex Provincial Mark Stewards' Lodge

Sometimes our work can make you feel like
You're On Top Of The World !!!

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